Contrary to belief, the Ohio State football program is not falling apart

A bad loss to Michigan, transfer portal losses, and recruiting failures have Ohio State football fans not loving the direction of the program. Here's why things are still okay.
Ohio State v Michigan
Ohio State v Michigan / Aaron J. Thornton/GettyImages

Is it acceptable for the Ohio State football team to lose to TTUN? No. Is it acceptable for them to lose to TTUN three consecutive years? Heck no. Yet, that's what's happened. Because of that, the Buckeyes haven't won the Big Ten since 2020, the year they played for the national title.

A combination of losing to Michigan, having a bunch of players head for the transfer portal, and losses on the recruiting trails have Ohio State football fans disappointed. That's okay. They should be! Ryan Day needs to address some shortcomings with his staff to fix those things.

Even with all of those things happening, the program isn't falling apart. Despite having two highly-touted recruits flip for Miami this month, the Buckeyes still have the second-ranked recruiting class in the country. They also have the number-one overall recruit in Jeremiah Smith who remains locked in despite schools in Florida throwing money at him.

That recruiting class along with some moves in the transfer portal once the Spring rolls around could have the Buckeyes right back on top in the Big Ten next season. They still have to go through TTUN, who is now the undisputed Big Ten king. But they will be dealing with sanctions next season and might have a new head coach too.

I'm not going to sit here and pretend that there aren't issues. Ohio State needs to close recruiting classes better. They have to get tougher on the line of scrimmage. They have some issues to figure out with the quarterback position, which definitely has me concerned.

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All of that is not ideal. Yet they still have the most talented roster in the conference, even of the newcomers. The Playoff expands to 12 teams next year too so there's no reason they won't be in the CFP. There are still positives to look at for Ohio State football fans.