A team that is being extremely overrated by EA in College Football 25

Over the past couple of days, EA has released some power ranking for offense, defense, and team overalls. Lots of people have noticed that there's one that is being rated way too high.
Colorado v Utah
Colorado v Utah / Chris Gardner/GettyImages

Many fans have been anticipating EA's College Football 25 game and these past couple of days they released rankings for offense, defense, and power rankings. There have been many things fans have been complaining about and saying that there are some teams that are ranked too high. But there's one certain team that has everyone flipping out online.

That team is the Colorado Buffalos, they are a team I think most would agree only social media thinks is good. True college football fans know they are in no way a top-20 team. But EA doesn't seem to agree. They had Colorado at 8th for offensive rankings at an 89 OVR, and then for defensive rankings they were at 20th with an 84 OVR.

These too rankings were kinda ridiculous, the notion that Colorado has a top-ten caliber offense is just crazy. Also, not to mention both of these lists did not talk of Tennessee at all. Colorado's final overall ranking was at 87 and that put them as the 16th-best team in College Football 25.

This is a team that went 4-8 last year and isn't going to make a jump big enough to be a top-16 team. I will say though Deion Sanders does run a pretty good and controlled program there, they don't mess around. But even with that, they need at least one more year to figure out who they really are as a team I see them being at that level.

There's still some time before the game is released so they can still fix some things and make some changes to these rankings. They most likely will because lots of people have been calling these lists laughable.

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