Ohio State Football: Michigan’s misdirection won’t work

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh's college football program is being investigated for sign-stealing.
Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh's college football program is being investigated for sign-stealing. /

As the Ohio State football team prepares for Michigan State this Saturday evening in Ohio Stadium, the Michigan football program keeps making themselves look bad.

The Ohio State football team awaits any penalty that will be handed out to Michigan over its sign-stealing scandal. But as time goes on, Michigan is keeping on the offensive, misdirecting information whenever possible.

The Michigan brass clearly wants to spin this matter back on everybody else because like spoiled children, they are not taking responsibility for their actions. It’s a complete joke that a reputable sportswriter such as Yahoo’s Dan Wetzel, a UM alum, is used by Michigan like a wet rag to do its dirty work.

He came out this week and said that Ohio State and Rutgers gave Michigan signals to Purdue before last season’s Big Ten Championship game. Wetzel went on to say that the crimes of Michigan and Ohio State are equal in this situation.

First off, that is not against any rules. Secondly, Ryan Day came out publicly and stated that the Ohio State compliance office looked into the matter and found nothing happened. Where is Wetzel’s apology? I doubt it comes.

Michigan is clearly throwing rotten tomatoes up against a wall in hopes that something sticks. Anything to take the public eye off themselves for a few hours. I for one am sick of hearing about it. Harbaugh needs to man up and take responsibility here. The evidence is clear and overwhelming to their scheme.

As I wrote before, Harbaugh needs to be suspended for the rest of the season. The Michigan players have no control over what coaches do, and they do not deserve to be punished. But Harbaugh does. This would send a strong signal that cheating won’t be tolerated and other coaches should be forewarned.

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It’s up to the Big Ten to make that determination. Hopefully, Tony Petitti does the right thing. Otherwise, he risks losing the integrity of the league.

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