How does Ohio State Football stack up against Penn State, TTUN?

Ohio State defensive end Jack Sawyer celebrates a tackle against Notre Dame.
Ohio State defensive end Jack Sawyer celebrates a tackle against Notre Dame. /

There are three big powers in the Big Ten this season. Those teams are the Ohio State football team, Penn State, and Michigan. Those have been largely the three best teams in the conference since Nebraska joined the conference in 2011, save for a few Wisconsin years and a random Michigan State blip.

These three are the most consistently good teams in the conference. This year, they are all ranked in the top six of the polls. TTUN is rated the highest at #2, followed by Ohio State at #4 and Penn State at #6. Each of these programs is currently undefeated.

So how does theOhio State football team stack up against these other two? The Buckeyes clearly have the best win so far, winning at Notre Dame on Saturday night. Penn State destroyed Iowa on that same night but did so at home. TTUN hasn’t played anyone good yet.

We won’t know how good TTUN is until there are three weeks left in the season. That’s when they take on Penn State. Ohio State does that in three weeks in the Shoe. That game will likely hand one of these two teams their first loss of the season.

If you’re looking at stats, Penn State has the best defensive stats so far. They are tied for fourth in the country in points allowed per game and are number one in the country in yards per game. Ohio State is second in points per game allowed while TTUN is first. TTUN is third in yards allowed and OSU is sixth.

None of these three teams is prolific on offense, which is surprising for the Buckeyes. Penn State is 33rd in total offense while the Buckeyes are 34th. Michigan is 61st, but that’s not surprising for them. They are known as a defensive team and always have been under Harbaugh.

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I think Ohio State stacks up well against these two. The stats are very similar for all three programs right now. It will get settled on the field soon enough though.