Ohio State Football: Striving for perfection

Could the Ohio State Football team’s performance in the previous weeks have been better? Indeed. Every team has room for improvement no matter their caliber and the Buckeyes are no exception.
In the past two weeks, the Ohio State football team has shown both flashes of brilliance and moments of concern. Their offensive line has been a force during pass protection. Yet, they’ve also had moments of vulnerability, particularly in run-blocking. Improving their consistency in this area will be crucial moving forward.

Their running game has been impressive despite holes not being open with the backs displaying great agility and strength. However, the team could benefit from diversifying their running strategies. Incorporating more outside runs and pitch plays could help keep opposing defenses off balance.

Offensively, the Buckeyes have been pretty good at running, but their passing has been a bit shaky. QB Kyle McCord did a lot better in Week 2 and showed some signs of growth after throwing for 258 yards and 3 touchdowns against Youngstown State.

Special teams have been solid, but the return game could use a spark. A big return can change the momentum of a game, and it’s an area where the Buckeyes could look to make a difference.

As they head into Week 3 against Western Kentucky University, the Buckeyes need to focus on these areas. Improving run-blocking, diversifying the running game, tightening up passing, and igniting the return game are all critical steps to up their game

It’s all about progress, and the Buckeyes have the talent and drive to make it happen. Hopefully, they can quickly fix any mistakes they think they need to before week 4, Norte Dame. We all know Saturday’s game is just a tune-up for that epic matchup in South Bend.