Ohio State Football: OSU missed the boat not honoring Tressel

The Ohio State football program had a golden opportunity to honor one of its greatest coaches of all time. Jim Tressel should be honored on Saturday.

The Ohio State football program and Athletic Director Gene Smith had a golden opportunity that they let slip through their hands. When Ohio State takes on Youngstown State this Saturday in Ohio Stadium, it could have been used as a bridge to bring back one of their own. And it could have added to the already stellar resume that Smith has as he heads off towards retirement in 10 months.

Ohio State should have been able to find a way to honor Jim Tressel during this game. After just finishing up his tenure as school President for YSU, it could have been a great day for the Athletic Department and fans alike to welcome coach Tress back to The Shoe for this game.

We at Scarlet and Game have given multiple suggestions over the past few months on what could be done. From putting his name in the ring of honor with fellow coaches Woody Hayes and Paul Brown to dotting the” I” for Script Ohio. The school could have really made this a great day for everyone.

But it does not appear that anything is in the works. There really seems to be a real problem between Gene Smith and Jim Tressel and I would have figured that a decade’s worth of time could have eroded some of that. But I guess not. For a game that is probably going to be over by halftime, honoring Tressel in some way could have made this game worth the fan’s money.

Hopefully with a new Athletic Director next year, we can see Tressel get honored the proper way. He deserves it, the fans deserve it, and his players deserve it.