Ohio State Football vs. Notre Dame time announced

The Ohio State football team will complete their home-and-home with Notre Dame in September this year. Last season, the Fighting Irish played the Buckeyes in the season-opener in a night game at the Shoe. Ohio State won that game by a score of 21-10.

Notre Dame will now have home-field advantage in this year’s matchup. They will also have some time to get ready for the Buckeyes by playing some warm-up teams first. Both teams will play three games before clashing with each other in South Bend.

We now know what time this game will be played. It is another night game and will be broadcast on NBC at 7:30 pm on September 24th. It’s not surprising that this game is at night, nor is it surprising that it’s an NBC broadcast. Notre Dame wanted that to be the case after ABC got it last year.

It should be a fun atmosphere for the Buckeyes in South Bend. It will be the second road game that the Ohio State football team will play up to that point because they open the season at Indiana. They should be ready for the hostile environment.

It will be one of the tougher games that Ohio State will play this season. It probably stands as the second-hardest game right now. The Game is obviously the hardest one, especially since that one is in Ann Arbor this year. This game will be tough too though.

Hopefully, Ryan Day will have his team ready to play. Whichever quarterback wins the position battle will have plenty of reps to get ready for this one, so they should be ready for the spotlight. It will come down to defense in my opinion.

If the Buckeyes’ secondary can hold up, they should be able to win this game.