Ohio State Men’s Tennis to play for a national championship

Ohio State men's tennis player James Trotter competes for the Buckeyes.
Ohio State men's tennis player James Trotter competes for the Buckeyes. /

When you talk about the Ohio State Buckeyes, it’s not all just about the success of the football and basketball team. There are plenty of other programs that Ohio State offers that are widely successful at sports. The women’s hockey team was proof of that this year.

Another program at Ohio State will now play for a national championship. The Ohio State Buckeyes Men’s Tennis program will play for a national title after taking down TCU in a sweep. Ohio State is the third seed while TCU was the second seed.

Now that they’ve beaten the Horned Frogs, they will take on either top-seeded Texas or fifth-seeded Virginia. Either opponent will be tough for the Buckeyes, especially in a setting like this. Nerves tend to set in when playing for a national title no matter how many big games or matches you’ve played.

Ohio State is now 34-2 this season. Perhaps even more impressive than that is they have won 19 straight matches. The Buckeyes are certainly formidable with a record like that, no matter which team they end up facing in the finals. They are certainly good enough to win it all.

I won’t pretend to be a tennis expert, but winning 34 matches out of 36 means they must be pretty darn good. Playing for a national title brings a lot more pressure than anyone of these kids has ever faced though. They have to have a plan to deal with the nerves.

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The national championship will be played on Sunday and will be broadcast on the Cracked Racquets YouTube channel. If you want to cheer on the men, that link is the way to do it!