Ohio State Women’s basketball gets a favorable bracket draw

While the men’s team is sitting out this NCAA Tournament, the Ohio State women’s basketball team is a three-seed. They will host the first two rounds of games, assuming they advance into the second round. They are finally healthy and look like a team that can make a serious run.

Sometimes it’s not about the talent though. It can come down to what kind of draw you get in the NCAA Tournament. If you take a look at the side of the bracket that the Buckeyes got, it’s actually very favorable for them to go on an extended run.

Ohio State is on Virginia Tech’s side of the bracket. They start out by hosting 14-seed James Madison. That should be a pretty easy win. After that, they would face the winner of North Carolina and either Purdue or St. John’s. That should be a win, although the Buckeyes did lose to Purdue this season.

After that, it would likely be a matchup with UConn in the Sweet 16. They have been the gold standard in women’s college basketball for a long time. But this is not the same old dominant Huskies team. They lost to two unranked teams, including one at home.

The Ohio State women’s basketball team has a chance to make the final four because they avoid the big guns. They don’t have Iowa, South Carolina, Stanford, or Indiana on their side. It’s an extremely favorable draw for a team that made a run to the Big Ten Tournament Championship after finally being healthy.

We’ll see if Kevin McGuff’s team has what it takes to get all the way there, but this is his best chance to do so. This team is really good and this is the most favorable draw they’ve gotten in years in the bracket. Let’s hope they can do something with it.