Ohio State Buckeyes: A new partnership

We here at Scarlet and Game love talking all things Ohio State Buckeyes. We always have. Everything from football to basketball to baseball to women’s basketball gets covered, and all other sports that our beloved Buckeyes play. It’s because we love the Buckeyes.

We’ve talked extensively about how the football team is at a crossroads and how the basketball team should probably move on from Chris Holtmann. There are still many things to be written, including how well the women’s basketball team is going to do in the NCAA Tournament.

No matter what sport we talk about, we do it because we love it. We have partnered with a podcast that also loves the Buckeyes. That would be the OHIO Podcast. They are the official podcast of Scarlet and Game and will supplement our coverage here.

The guys over there love the Ohio State Buckeyes as much as we do and they do a great job of covering things in podcast form. They have over 275 podcasts in the past four years. I was actually on the Sunday night episode talking about Spring football as well as what the basketball team should do moving forward.

Anyway, we are excited to be partnered with them moving forward. You’ll see some writing from Eric Boggs from time to time. He’s one of the podcasters on the OHIO Podcast. You also might hear me pop on their feed from time to time as well.

We’re excited about what the future holds for both of us! Now, back to figuring out if C.J. Stroud can be the number one pick.