Ohio State football vs. Wisconsin: Official prediction

The Ohio State football team takes on their first Big Ten foe on Saturday night when Wisconsin comes to town. It should be a good game to learn just how good this Buckeye team is even though the Badgers have already lost a game at home to a 17-point underdog.

Even so, the Badgers give the Buckeyes a good test. This is the best running game they have faced all season and will be one of the best ones they face period. I’m interested to see how Ohio State’s defense fares against this good running game with them being one of the best run defenses in the country.

One thing we won’t find out is how much the secondary is a concern. Wisconsin doesn’t pass the ball down the field effectively. They can get short to medium yardage, but they won’t beat you over the top. That’s the part of the game that is the most concerning for the Buckeye secondary.

On offense, Ohio State should be able to roll without too many problems. I expect a big day from C.J. Stroud and Marvin Harrison Jr. I would like to see Jaxon Smith-Njigba finally be the great receiver we know he is. He should be a bigger part of the gameplan this week.

Official prediction: Ohio State football 45 Wisconsin 17

I just don’t see any way that Wisconsin’s offense can keep up with Ohio State. The Buckeyes can score in bunches, even if they don’t get the ball for very long. Even if the Badgers are able to own the time of possession, it won’t matter. Ohio State’s quick-strike ability will be too much.

This should take the Buckeyes to 4-0 and give them a great start in the Big Ten season. This would be a solid win for the Bucks.