Ohio State football finally starting to use the tight end

Ever since Ryan Day took over as the head coach of the Ohio State football program, fans have been clamoring for him to use the tight end more in the passing game. He’s had some talented players at that position as well, so it’s not like he hasn’t had any options.

This year, he is finally starting to use them more often. Cade Stover is becoming a real factor in catching the ball. In this last game against Toledo, he caught 3 passes for 83 yards. All of them were right up the seam where he was wide open. Day has decided to do something with him.

So far on the season, Stover has 8 catches for 137 yards. That may not seem like a lot, but that’s more than tight ends normally have at this point in the season. It’s just yet another weapon that C.J. Stroud has at his disposal. It’s an arsenal that is already deadly too.

The Buckeyes finally had their offense clicking on all cylinders this past weekend against Toledo. Gaining over 700 yards in total offense is something to behold. Stover helped with that not just in the passing game but also in the running game with his blocking.

If Stover continues to get targets like this, this offense becomes truly unstoppable. They already have the best receiving corp in the country to go along with a potent rushing attack. Adding another big, strong weapon like Stover over the middle could make it even more dangerous.

Of course, we still need to see things continue before we make any more conclusions. This was a great game for Stover. We need to see this consistently before we determine that using the tight end is something Day is actually committed to doing for once this year.