Rumors swirling Ohio State football could lose another recruit

The Ohio State football program has done a good job of recovering from a rough August. During that time, they lost two commitments from their 2023 class. Since then, they’ve been able to add a few players and should be able to add a few more once the season starts.

There are rumors swirling that the Buckeyes could potentially lose another recruit from that class though. Those rumors are centered around four-star receiver Carnell Tate. Tate is from the state of Florida and was a five-star recruit when he committed to the Ohio State football program.

I’ve seen some fans circulating some rumors online about Tennessee swooping in and taking his commitment. That would drop Ohio State’s recruiting ranking and leave them with three receivers in this class and back to 19 commits overall. It would certainly be a blow.

Some fans on Twitter seem to be worried that this is something that could happen.

As you can see, the Volunteer fans are the ones who are starting the rumors based on the above Instagram story that was posted. It makes sense that they would get excited, but they aren’t thinking logically. Why would Tate leave Ohio State to go to Tennessee?

Ohio State has better facilities, better coaches, and a better shot at getting Tate to the NFL. That’s Tate’s ultimate goal. He wants to be as high of a draft pick as he possibly can. The Buckeyes give him the best chance to do that, and that’s why he’s committed to that.

If you don’t believe me, here’s what Tate seemingly had to say about the Tennessee buzz.

Tate isn’t going anywhere. Brian Hartline doesn’t lose recruits. Once you’re committed as a wide receiver, Hartline keeps you there. His outstanding track record of being able to develop recruits is unparalleled across college football.

I’d be in utter shock if Tate de-commits from Ohio State for any other program.