Ohio State Football: The Big Ten could be poaching the ACC next

The Ohio State football program, like every other program in the Big Ten, is waiting to see what happens with conference expansion. After adding USC and UCLA last week, the flood gates seemed to have been opened and programs are starting to panic.

Programs in the Pac 12, Big 12, and the ACC are starting to scramble. The Pac 12 was already caught off guard after losing the face of their conference in USC. They might be losing even more. It sounds like the ACC could be the next victim of the Big Ten soon too.

There has been a lot of chatter that a number of ACC programs have reached out to the Big Ten about possibly joining the conference. If that’s the case, the ACC could be the next conference to implode. It sounds like the Big Ten is getting ready to poach more members.

We gave you an idea of some of the programs the Big Ten might be after. It sounds like there are even more that are interested in making the jump. This, of course, is all about the TV money. The Big Ten and the SEC are going to make the most money out of that and other programs want a piece of it.

The Big Ten already added a member from the ACC not too long ago. They could easily do it again. Everything depends on what Notre Dame decides to do first. If they opt to not join the Big Ten, moves could come very swiftly after that from the conference.

It’s unknown how long Notre Dame will take to make a decision on its future. Until then, the rumors will keep flying about who the next program is that wants to join the Big Ten.