Ohio State Football: Defensive coaching changes better work

The Ohio State football program has made a lot of changes to its coaching staff. Today was a big day in terms of coaching changes, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Ryan Day made so many changes to the staff that only Larry Johnson is left on the staff from a year ago.

With all of the changes that have been made, there could be some growing pains. Day knew that changes needed to be made and he didn’t shy away from them. I give him credit for just diving headfirst and doing what needs to be done. He is trying to make things better

Whether or not all of these changes make things better is the question. All of these changes better work, otherwise he did a lot of stuff for nothing. I have a hard time believing that anything could be worse on defense than the past couple of years, but we’ll see.

Day’s tenure as leader of the Ohio State football program will be defined by how these changes work out. These are wholesale, significant changes to a program that has been relatively successful. Day knows that he hasn’t been successful enough though, so that’s why he made them.

We’ll get our first look at the revamped defense in April when the Spring Game rolls around. I also wonder how some of the recruits in the next recruiting class think of what’s happening. My guess is that it can only improve recruiting because of how poorly this team played a year ago.

If these changes don’t work, Day could find himself on the chopping block. Ohio State coaches only keep their job if they are winning at an incredible rate. Losing two games a season doesn’t cut it in Columbus. Day now has his own guys in the program and on staff. He’s got no more excuses.