Ohio State Football: Three players who could transfer before 2022

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The season is essentially over for the Ohio State football team. After losing to TTUN, they no longer get to play in the Big Ten Championship Game or in the CFP. They will play in some other bowl game that has significantly less at stake than either of those two games.

Now the Buckeyes are left to lick their wounds as they head into the offseason. They have to make improvements in all phases of the game and both sides of the ball. The coaching staff also needs to make improvements and changes need to be made.

Players will now look to move on from the program now that the season is over. These are players that didn’t get a lot of playing time and are looking for greener pastures. The Buckeyes already have had one player decide to leave in Jack Miller. More are likely coming.

I wasn’t surprised that Miller left. His time had come to leave Ohio State and find somewhere else that was actually going to give him some playing time. He isn’t the only one on this team who is looking for an uptick in playing time and likely won’t find it in Columbus.

There are three candidates that I’m looking at that could be making a move into the transfer portal very soon. All of these guys are players that could look for more immediate playing time for one reason or the other. If they stay here much longer, they’re not going to see any time.

The first player on my list resides on the defensive side of the ball.

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