Ohio State Football: Josh Proctor injury concerning

The Ohio State Football team missed Josh Proctor this past season.Ceb Osu21min Kwr 34
The Ohio State Football team missed Josh Proctor this past season.Ceb Osu21min Kwr 34 /

The Ohio State football team doesn’t have a strong secondary. While I don’t think they played that badly against Minnesota, it’s still one of the weakest parts of the team. Josh Proctor is the best player back there and is frankly the most important player in the secondary.

That’s what makes his injury so concerning. We haven’t heard anything in terms of what it is or how bad it is. There are rumors that it could be a separated shoulder, which can vary in severity. Best-case scenario with that is they pop it back in and he’s good to go this week.

But worse-case scenario is that he’s out a few weeks with that type of injury. It could also be a collarbone injury, which would be worse. Simply put, we just don’t know what the injury is yet and that should be concerning to every single Ohio State football fan.

The Ohio State football team needs Josh Proctor

If Proctor can’t go against Oregon, it would likely be Bryson Shaw who takes his spot. I don’t have anything against Shaw. We haven’t really seen him play. He could be really good or he could be really bad. But we know what Proctor is and he is a very valuable player for the Buckeyes.

It’s very likely we won’t hear anything on the injury until right before game time. Day does not disclose injuries. With a team as good as Oregon coming in, he’s not going to want to give them any intel that can possibly help them before kickoff.

The secondary was already a mish-mash of players Week 1. So many different players played. I don’t think that’s a recipe for success for the rest of the season. Kerry Coombs is going to have to decide who his best players are and just stick with it. Playing depth is not going to work in the big games.

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If we hear anything regarding the injury status of Proctor or anyone else, we will certainly let you know.