Ohio State Football: Did Ryan Day make the right call at QB?

The Ohio State football team has C.J. Stroud as its starting quarterback. Did Ryan Day make the right move with that decision?

C.J. Stroud will be the starting quarterback for the Ohio State football team to start the season. We knew this was coming and Ryan Day made it official earlier this week. Stroud had been the leader in the clubhouse since a good performance in the Spring Game.

But is Stroud the right choice? Stroud won the job over Kyle McCord, Jack Miller, and Quinn Ewers. Miller was never going to win the job and will likely transfer out of the program. That left two five-star quarterbacks in McCord and Ewers against the former four-star Stroud.

Ewers simply enrolled too late to really give himself a shot. He may end up being the most talented of any of these quarterbacks in the long run. He’s the highest-rated recruit in Ohio State football history and will have a chance to win the job next season.

I really thought McCord should have been the starter early in the offseason. I think he has more talent than Stroud in terms of arm strength, accuracy, and I think he’s going to be really good. Clearly, Day did not agree with me, which is why I’m not the head coach.

After looking back at both guys’ high school film, I’m still on the fence about whether or not this is the right call when it comes to pure talent. Stroud is the better runner, but McCord has the stronger arm. Both quarterbacks are really good.

I think the main reason why Stroud wins the job is because of his leadership. He seemed to have the locker room all the way back in the Spring. He also has been in the offense a year already, so he had a leg up on learning everything. That’s probably what pushed him over the edge.

I also think it’s easier to have Ewers supplant Stroud than it would for him to supplant McCord. That had to have played a part in that as well. From that standpoint, Stroud is the right choice. Talent-wise, I think McCord is the better player.

We’ll see how this decision plays out over the course of the season. I hope Stroud lights it up all season long and proves me wrong. I’d love nothing more.