Ohio State Football: What Quinn Ewers could bring this year

The Ohio State football program might be able to get the top-rated recruit in program history a year earlier than they were expecting. This is what they would get if that did end up being the case.

Quinn Ewers is the best prospect the Ohio State football program has had committed to them. I say committed to them because he is scheduled to come in with the class of 2022 and hasn’t signed a letter of intent yet. That all could change in the next few days though.

Ewers has indicated that he is thinking about enrolling one year earlier. He could end up playing for the Buckeyes this season instead of him staying at high school for his senior year. If he did end up doing that, what would the young, 17-year old quarterback bring to the Buckeyes?

The first thing that we would have to remember is that he would still be just 17 years old. He hasn’t fully matured and will still have a lot to learn. He would definitely be in the mix for the starting job his season and would honestly probably win the job.

Ewers winning the job this season solves a lot of problems that could arise in 2022 when he was expected to step on campus. It would remove the awkwardness of having C.J. Stroud or Kyle McCord possibly step down as the starter after starting all of 2021.

The Buckeyes would be a better team with Ewers as the starer no matter when he comes to Columbus. He is a superb prospect in every sense. He can make all of the throws, he is more mobile than people think, and he has an immensely strong arm and great work ethic.

All of that would lead to the Buckeyes possibly being the favorites to win the national championship this season. We’ll have to wait and see what he decides to do. He will have to make a decision extremely shortly on his future.