Ohio State football player unfairly attacked on social media

Fans of programs other than Ohio State football are always looking for ways to bring the Buckeyes down. Social media is a great way for them to unfairly attack players.

Mitchell Dunn is like any other parent. He’s proud of his kids’ accomplishments and enjoys sharing them with family, friends, and others on social media. Unfortunately, not everyone can appreciate the excitement of a parent for one of their kids. Especially if that kid plays for a rival college football team or a perceived rival.

Dunn’s son, Jantzen, is a true freshman on the Ohio State football team. He was a top-ten safety when he signed with the Buckeyes out of Bowling Green, Kentucky. Jantzen enrolled early and has been going through strength and conditioning coordinator Mickey Marotti’s program.

Mitchell recently shared pictures on social media of his son’s transformation from an athletic-looking 175-pound high school senior to a chiseled 195-pound college football player. The message boards lit up with trolls and haters.

Accusations of steroid use began immediately. They claimed there isn’t any way someone can be transformed like that in just six months. Not surprisingly, these allegations came with no offered proof. No interest was shown in actual facts of the effects of nutrition and exercise on a young body. The trolls and haters are convinced Jantzen Dunn and the entire Ohio State football program is on steroids. Just like recruiting, they are accusing the Buckeyes of cheating. No proof. Only the usual accusations.

So, which fan base is leading the way on all of these allegations of steroid use? You’d think it is the usual suspects of Michigan, Penn State, Notre Dame, Alabama, or Clemson. Teams who are considered a rival or somewhat rival of the Buckeyes.

The answer is none of the above. Most of the claims about steroid use are coming from Oklahoma fans. Want to try to figure out that one? The Buckeyes and Sooners split a two-game series a few years ago, but that hardly makes them rivals.

Everyone under the sun is picking Oklahoma to reach the playoff this year and I’m sure that has their fans excited, but that is not a reason to attack a kid from an ultra-successful program with unfounded accusations because you think your team may face them in the post-season.

Late last night Mitchell Dunn posted those same pictures to social media again. He praised Marotti and also said this,

“I learned the hard way why some parents celebrate their kids in private.”

Dunn and other parents should not have to celebrate their kids in private because of garbage spewed by trolls and haters on message boards and social media. Jantzen Dunn and his family do not deserve this. Unfortunately, it is too easy for too many to hide behind a screen name and disparage a young athlete who has worked hard to transform himself. Mitchell Dunn said it best last night about his son,

“He has more dedication than many will ever know.”

I could not agree more with him. I hope Mitchell Dunn continues to share the accomplishments of his son. Every parent deserves that.