Ohio State football: Is Craig Young the perfect fit for the Bullet position?

It’s unclear how often the Ohio State football team will use the bullet position, but if they do, Craig Young would be a great fit.

After teasing us and toying with the idea for a couple of years the Ohio State football team is finally implementing the Bullet position into their defense. We’ve pretty much known this was coming. Coaches do not spend a lot of time on something in spring practice unless they intend to use it. So, just what is the Bullet? The quick answer is he’s a hybrid safety/linebacker. A few years ago, linebackers’ coach Al Washington, Jr. gave a bit more detailed explanation,

“That guy is a guy who can sack, he can rush the passer; not every safety can do that. He’s a guy that has to be able to play at the line of scrimmage and use his hands; not every safety can do that. The guy has to be able to cover man, the slot; not every linebacker can do that.”

When you add all of that together you get a player who is very versatile and that is why sophomore Craig Young might just be the perfect fit. He’s fast and athletic enough to play in space as a safety, and big enough at 228 pounds to play at the line of scrimmage or rush the passer. Washington said the guy at this position must be a playmaker. The Buckeyes are counting on Young to be just that.

While it appears Young is the guy who will be the starter, Ronnie Hickman is also getting a look. When he got his chance to start a game last year against Michigan State, the sophomore from Wayne, New Jersey played well, but pretty much disappeared after that game. He’s quick and physical, but at just 205 pounds may have problems playing on the line of scrimmage.

Young was listed as an Athlete while being recruited and was ranked just 609th overall. When you see a scouting report like this one from 247 Sports’ Director of Football Recruiting Steve Wiltfong, you understand why the Buckeyes wanted him,

“One of the fastest prospects in the Midwest, could play anything from receiver to safety to linebacker on the next level.”

His versatility was very evident as he was being recruited. Now it is time to put that versatility to use. I’ll be honest and say I’m looking forward to seeing how the Bullet works and what kind of an impact Young can make.