Ohio State football: Three most important players for 2021

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The Ohio State football program is poised for another successful season. In order for them to fully realize their potential, these three players must play at extremely high levels.

The Ohio State football team was able to make the National Championship Game last year behind the strong play of Justin Fields and the offense. Fields and the rest of the offense were so high-powered that the only team that could stop them was Alabama in that final game.

While it was an accomplishment for the Buckeyes to make it that far, they want more. They want to actually win a national title. They weren’t able to do it a year ago, and now they lose Fields and several other great players to the NFL. It will be a tough ask this season to even get back to that title game.

With that said, there are three specific players that are the most important to the team if they are to achieve that exact goal. If these players play to their full potential, the Buckeyes could actually win the entire thing and put a stop to Alabama’s reign of terror.

These aren’t going to be obvious players like Chris Olave and Garrett Wilson. Both of those players are fantastic and are likely to play to their full potential regardless of circumstances. The players on this list aren’t as big of stars but are more crucial to the effort of winning a national championship.

The first player on this list resides where the Buckeyes struggled the most last season; the secondary.

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