Ohio State football: Hosting a Playoff game would be huge advantage

Everyone is talking about the College Football Playoff expansion that is being proposed. Even though they aren’t proposing teams to host games, if the Ohio State football team did, it would be a huge advantage for them.

The Ohio State football team is used to playing games in cold weather. Columbus can get pretty frosty in November and December. Most Big Ten teams are used to that. Teams in the SEC or the Big 12 aren’t, and it’s an advantage for them to always play in warm weather.

If the College Football Playoff does expand to 12 teams, the best four teams should be able to host a playoff game in their first-round matchup. Imagine having Georgia or Oklahoma coming up to the Shoe to face the Buckeyes in a playoff game in December?

It would be a massive advantage for the Buckeyes, and one that they deserve to have. No southern team will schedule a northern team late in the year because they are afraid of the elements. It’s ridiculous that northern and southern teams can only play early in the season.

This is something that the Athletic Directors involved with the CFP should take a look at. They should reward the best teams with a home-field game. I think it would be great for college football and great for the teams playing in a new, hostile environment.

I also think it would make for great TV. More fans would tune in to watch these games if there is a home-field advantage element added in. It would pull the casual fan in as well as the diehard fans that root for whatever teams are in the Playoff that year.

This is a hill that I will die on for the next two years while they figure this stuff out. They should make things more interesting by doing it this way.