What a 12-team College Football Playoff would’ve looked like in 2020

It was reported earlier this week by Yahoo Sports’ Pete Thamel that the College Football Playoff is expected to expand to 12 teams. How would that have changed who the Ohio State football team would have played>

In a 12-team playoff, it is believed that automatic bids would be given to each of the power five conference winners. One bid would be given to the highest-ranked Group of 5 champion. The final 6 spots would be at-large bids.

If this expansion moves forward, details still need to be worked out in terms of how those 11 games in a 12-team system would unfold. According to Thamel, the first four teams would get a bye, and teams No. 5 to No. 8 would host teams No. 9 through 12 at home sites.

How would a 12-team College Football Playoff have looked in 2020?

Top 12 teams:

1.       Alabama

2.       Clemson

3.       Ohio State

4.       Notre Dame

5.       Texas A&M

6.       Oklahoma

7.       Florida

8.       Cincinnati

9.       Georgia

10.   Iowa State

11.   Indiana

12.   Coastal Carolina

Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, and Notre Dame would have received first-round byes. The first round of matchups would have included:

Coastal Carolina at Texas A&M

Indiana at Oklahoma

Iowa State at Florida

Georgia at Cincinnati

The CFP will remain the same for the next two seasons but we could see the structure transition to 12 teams as early as 2023. How interesting would this have been for the Ohio State football team though? They would have had to play the winner of Iowa State and Florida.

I’m sure the Buckeyes would have easily beaten either of those teams. This wouldn’t have kept Ohio State from making the National Championship Game. Alabama was going to beat everyone in front of them too, so I doubt the end result would have changed.

We won’t know for a while if this expansion will indeed happen. But now that it’s been recommended, it seems likely.