Ohio State football: CFP talk could be distracting

The Ohio State football team could be distracted by all of the CFP talk and the new format being proposed if they’re not careful.

Distractions are a part of sports. Every team has to deal with them internally and externally. The Ohio State football team is no different. They may have more distractions than some other programs because of how high-profile they are.

The recent College Football Playoff expansion talk is a distraction that could swallow up a program like Ohio State. They know that people are always going to project them into the field, especially if the proposed field would get expanded to twelve teams.

That outside projection is something that the Buckeyes will have to block out. Internally, every single player in that locker room expects to make the CFP anyway and play for a national title. They are all playing with that end goal in mind. But they don’t need everyone else telling them how great they are.

This is not something that can’t be handled. Ryan Day will make sure that his team is focused on getting better every single day and making sure that this team can block out all of the external noise. They will be able to get to that final goal as long as they stay focused.

After the season we just had with all of the distractions around the pandemic, this should be really easy to handle. The Buckeyes won’t have an issue with talk like this because they are well-versed in distractions. If you are a Buckeye fan, talk about the CFP expansion shouldn’t worry you too much.

I, like every other college football fan, will be interesting to see what happens with the expansion. It wouldn’t take effect for a few years, but it’s still something to look forward to.