Ohio State Football: What a 12 team CFP would look like

There is a report that the College Football Playoff could be expanding to 12 teams. Here’s what that means for the Ohio State football program.

The Ohio State football team has been one of the programs that have consistently been in contention to make the College Football Playoff. Every single year since it’s been implemented, they have either been in or just barely left out. It now might be easier for them to get in.

That’s because of a report from Yahoo’s Pete Thamel. According to Thamel, a 12-team playoff is looming in the very near future. Based on his report, it seems to be the model that has the most compromise for everyone involved. It’s something that has the path of least resistance.

Under that 12-team model, the Power 5 conferences would get automatic bids and the highest Group of 5 team would get an automatic bid as well. The other six spots would be at-large bids. That would mean that it would likely be 11 Power 5 teams and one Group of 5 team.

This would make it easier for the Ohio State football team to make the CFP

With six teams getting an at-large bid, Ohio State is almost guaranteed to get into the Playoff every year. They have won four straight Big Ten Titles, so that would get them an auto-bid anyway. In an off-year where they don’t, they would still likely be one of the top twelve teams anyway.

I’m not sure how I would feel about this proposal. We talked about how to expand the CFP earlier, but this would still make a lot of people unhappy. This still doesn’t give a lot of the other conferences a chance to really compete for a national title.

Ohio State would probably sign off on this proposal. It gives them more exposure and more of an opportunity to make the CFP. Nothing will change on this front until at least 2023. The next two years will stay the same way. After that, all bets are off.

We will keep our eyes open on how this story develops within the next few months. It’s certainly something interesting to all college football fans.