Ohio State basketball: Chris Holtmann dark horse for Celtics job

According to some reports, it sounds like the Ohio State basketball coach is a potential dark horse candidate for the Celtics position.

The entire basketball world was upended yesterday with a couple of bombshells dropping. One of those bombshells is that Coach K is retiring from Duke. With that being the case, we talked about how big of a chance it is that Chris Holtmann leaves the Ohio State basketball program for that job.

The other piece of news is what Ohio State basketball fans should be concerned about. Brad Stevens is moving up to run the Celtics now that Danny Ainge retired. They need to find a new coach now. It seems that Chris Holtmann could be a darkhorse candidate for that job.

Holtmann does have a relationship with Stevens that dates back to their days at Butler. Holtmann has succeeded everywhere he has coached. He has shown the ability to turn programs around and has the respect of his players. He also has the demeanor to coach in the NBA.

This wouldn’t be the most shocking hire that I’ve ever heard. I would certainly be surprised if Holtmann got hired by Boston. I feel like they are looking for someone who at least has some experience in the NBA, whether that’s coaching or playing.

Ohio State basketball fans shouldn’t be too stressed about this possibility, but should definitely keep it on their radar. The Butler connection gives this possibility some legs. No one thought Stevens would get hired when that happened and this would be less shocking than that.

My guess is that Holtmann may get a call, but I don’t think he’ll be seriously considered.