Ohio State football: Even the receivers can improve

No member on the 2021 Ohio State football team is above needing improvement. Even the extremely talented receiver group can improve next season.

The Ohio State football team might have the best group of receivers in the country. Both Chris Olave and Garrett Wilson will be first-round picks in 2022 and are the two best individual receivers in the country. We know how good they are and have been talking about it all Spring.

But even they can still improve on some things. No one on this Ohio State football team is above needed improvement. Wilson, for example, still needs some work on the outside. While he will probably play more slot this season where he is elite, he needs more work outside.

Wilson showed that he can get open anywhere on the field, but he could use some work in press coverage situations outside. If he can improve in that scenario, he will for sure be a first-round pick and could even be a top ten pick in the entire draft.

Olave is great at catching the deep ball and has an elite set of hands. He catches the ball so softly and keeps it away from the defender. He doesn’t quite have elite speed though. That is something he can work on in 2021 to make himself a true bonafide superstar at the next level.

It’s scary to think that these two receivers specifically can get even better. Defenses already have enough trouble covering these guys as it stands right now. Imagine if these two can improve on these skills I’ve mentioned, the Buckeyes might truly be unstoppable on offense.

If these two guys can still improve and be better, just think what would happen if everyone else on this team improved too? They’d be true national title contenders.