Ohio State football: NFL Draft could be great recruiting tool

The Ohio State football program can use this week’s NFL Draft as a recruiting tool to bring in top prospects from across the country.

The Ohio State football program is one of the most successful programs in America when it comes to putting players in the NFL. Quite simply put, it’s a football factory. They put players from multiple positions in the Draft every year and they succeed right away.

Players such as Joey and Nick Bosa, Denzel Ward, Terry McLaurin, Jeff Okudah, Chase Young, Curtis Samuel, and Ezekiel Elliott were all high draft picks and have succeeded in the NFL in their short time there. All of these players were top recruits as well.

Ryan Day’s program also has players who weren’t drafted as high that are doing well in the league as well. Corey Linsley is the highest-paid center in the league after being a fifth-round pick. McLaurin is Washington’s best receiver as a third-round pick.

It just shows that it pays to be a Buckeye…literally. If you come to Ohio State to play football, you will get the best possible shot to get to the league and make a lot of money. Both Bosa and Elliott also signed massive deals, as well as Michael Thomas at wide receiver.

The 2021 Draft can be used as a recruiting tool as well. While the Buckeyes may not have as many top-end draft picks as they normally do, they can showcase that they can still get lower-end guys jobs in the league. That is a valuable recruiting tool as well.

Ohio State could end up having 8 or 9 guys taken in the Draft. Having that many people taken in a single draft can certainly show recruits that there is no better place to go than Ohio State if you want to make it to the league.

As always, we will have the Draft covered all weekend long and we will let you know where each Buckeye lands.