Ohio State football: Only seven more Spring practices left

The Ohio State football team only has a limited amount of time to get better in the Spring, as there are only seven practices left for them.

The Ohio State football team will play their Spring game on April 17th. They will have a lot to display on the field in that game. They will have to figure out the quarterback situation, as well as how the running backs all fit together and a rebuilt linebacker room.

Ohio State has only seven days left of Spring practice left. That means they only have seven more days to get better before they play that Spring game. That’s not a lot of time for a team that got no Spring practices a year ago due to the pandemic.

Ryan Day will surely make sure his team gets the most out of the reps that they have left. He wants to make sure they are in shape for Fall practice once that rolls around too. Day also wants to see what some of his freshman who have enrolled early can do.

They’ve looked good early. No one has made too many egregious mistakes. That’s something that Day has to be pleased with up to this point. The sooner he can eliminate mistakes, the better. That goes for everyone on the roster, not just the younger guys.

These final seven days will be intense. Day will get every last ounce of effort out of these guys before the long break. It’s something that the guys are looking forward to as well. They want to do everything they can to get better before the break too.