Three Ohio State football players who still need NFL teams

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Plenty of former Ohio State football players have found new teams in this cycle of NFL free agency. Here are three players who still need to find teams.

The Ohio State football program has produced plenty of talented players. A lot of them have signed long-term deals with teams already. That’s because the Buckeyes prepare these kids for long-term futures in the NFL and they know how to handle it.

Players like Joey Bosa, Ezekiel Elliott, and Michael Thomas have already signed huge deals with teams. They are premier players in this league and will be for a long time. Even though these guys have their futures secured, there are a few former Buckeyes who do not.

There are a few Ohio State alumni who are still searching for teams right now. While there are a few more than just three, we will only focus on three here. These players are either waiting for the right situation to get signed or are nearing the end of their careers and trying to find one last team.

Either way, all of these players are still talented enough to find teams and be on an NFL roster. They are still good players who can help the right team win games. All of these players have done that with previous teams too.

The first player on our list is the youngest of these players. He has just had a hard time staying on the field because of injuries. Even so, he may be the single most talented player on this list.

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