Ohio State basketball: Kyle Young most valuable player

The Ohio State basketball team has lost two straight games. The loss to Michigan State underscores how much Kyle Young means to this team.

Kyle Young is a senior who has done a lot in his Ohio State basketball career. He has been one of the best players on this team this year. The loss to Michigan State showed just how much this team needs Young to fully reach their potential.

Young has improved his game so much over the course of the last four years. He used to not have any offensive game to speak of besides putbacks and layups. Now, he has given himself some post moves that are extremely effective, speficially jump hooks with both hands.

The most valuable part of his game is for sure his defense though. He is the Buckeyes’ best defenders and is their best post defender for sure. Young is the guy that they use to defend the paint and keep the opponents’ best player away from the rim.

Ohio State lost the game against Michigan State in part because Young was not available for the game because of a concussion. His prescense was dearly missed on both sides of the floor. The Buckeyes need to make sure that he stays healthy for the rest of the season.

Young has missed a lot of practice time this season because of lower leg injuries. Now he has the concussion. Ohio State needs to keep him as healthy as possible to keep the chances of a national title alive. They already have shown that Young is the key to the team.

Young should be available for the game on Sunday against Iowa. They need him for it too because Luka Garza is a load.