Ohio State football: Jack Sawyer looks to make immediate impact

The Ohio State football program has built a very successful tradition of great defensive line play. They are going to keep that tradition up for the foreseeable future.

Jack Sawyer is one of the newest members of this great defensive line. Sawyer is a five-star defensive end who is the fourth-best player in the country out of Pickerington, Ohio. He is the best player out of the state of Ohio, which is a great state when it comes to football talent.

Sawyer has all of the talent in the world to make an immediate impact. He is big, strong, and has a very high motor. He makes every play that comes near him. Not only does he have all of the physical tools to be great, but he has all of the mental tools as well.

Of the recent great defensive ends that the Buckeyes have recruited, (Joey Bosa, Nick Bosa, Chase Young, Zach Harrison), Sawyer is the highest recruit of them all. Even with all of the depth that Ohio State has at defensive end, Sawyer will get a lot of snaps this year.

In those snaps, expect production. Sawyer will have a full session of Spring practice, a Spring Game, and a full Fall offseason. That is something last year’s freshman did not get. Sawyer will be ready to play as soon as the season starts next Fall.

I would be shocked if Sawyer didn’t have at least 6 sacks next season. He will play enough snaps to get that sort of production. Not only that, but the Big Ten isn’t shaping up to be the best conference in the country. Games against Rutgers, Maryland, and Michigan State will all be opportunities for him to dominate.

Sawyer has a shot to be better than all of the guys I previously mentioned. A strong freshman year would go a long way into that happening.