Ohio State football: Haskell Garrett will have a huge senior year

The Ohio State football team had a very good defensive line in 2020. Their best defensive tackle is back next season and he will be even better.

Haskell Garrett was lucky to even be able to play in 2020. Garrett was shot in the face just weeks before the Ohio State football team started their season. Despite not being able to eat solid food for a few weeks, he was able to eat offensive linemen all year long.

Garrett was the best defensive player the Buckeyes had in 2020. He was named AP Second-Team All-American after the Big Ten only gave him Third-Team All-Big Ten. Simply put, Garrett was an absolute wrecking ball. His stats tell the story of just how good he was.

In the 8 games that Ohio State played, Garrett had 20 tackles, 4 tackles for loss, 2 sacks, and an interception that ended up being a touchdown against Michigan State. Garrett was the player who set the tone in the middle of this Buckeye defense.

Even though the Buckeyes don’t keep Tommy Togiai as the other defensive tackle, Garrett is good enough to help Ohio State absorb that loss. Taron Vincent will more than likely end up being the other starting defensive tackle. Having Garrett next to him will help him be better.

Ohio State’s defense should be better as a whole unit in 2021. Honestly, it’s hard for them to be much worse. Garrett has the opportunity to be a First-Team All American next year. He has not only the opportunity, but the talent to actually achieve that accolade.

I would be shocked if Garrett wasn’t at least as good as he was in 2020. He has already shown incredible will and fortitude to play last year after what he went through in the offseason. I would expect him to use that hard work and attitude to improve his talents this offseason.