Ohio State basketball stays fourth in polls despite loss

Even though the Ohio State basketball team lost to TTUN on Sunday, it didn’t hurt their ranking in the polls. The Buckeyes are still fourth.

The Ohio State basketball team suffered a tough loss yesterday when they fell to TTUN in their only scheduled matchup of the year. It was a loss that broke a seven-game winning streak. I thought it could hurt their chances of getting a number one seed.

The pollsters don’t seem to think it affects their chances much at all. Ohio State stays at fourth in the AP Poll. Ohio State was listed as the fourth number one seed in their first release of the top 16 seeds of the NCAA Tournament. Despite this loss, it seems like they are still on track for that.

One thing that Ohio State needs to do no matter their ranking is improving their defense. Giving up 92 points in a game won’t cut it, no matter who they are facing off against. The Buckeyes have plenty of time to fix this issue, but it needs to be at the top of their priority list.

As far as the rest of the rankings go, there are four other Big Ten teams in the top 25. TTUN stayed at 3 after beating Ohio State. It will be hard for them to jump Gonzaga or Baylor as long as they both remain undefeated. Illinois remained fifth, just behind Ohio State. Iowa moved two stops up to ninth, and Wisconsin fell to 23.

Ohio State’s dreams of winning the regular-season Big Ten title are pretty much over at this point. Michigan would have to completely fall apart in their last four games and lose them all and Illinois would have to lose at least two of their last three games too.

The Buckeyes still can complete their ultimate goals though. They just have to keep on improving.