The Ohio State football team wins if…

The Ohio State football team has a chance to win the National Championship tonight against Alabama. There are many important players who need to step up in order to end the season lifting the trophy.

There has been a lot made about what the Ohio State football team needs to do in order to come away with a win against Alabama tonight, but there are two players who will have a huge impact on the outcome of this game. If these two players step up, then Ohio State will be in the best position to be crowned National Champions.

On offense, the game depends on Trey Sermon. Yes, Justin Fields is arguably the most important player wearing an Ohio State uniform, however, if Trey Sermon gets bottled up and this offense turns one-dimensional the Buckeyes are in for a long night.

Alabama will look to shut this unit down on the ground, so they can tee-off against the pass. While our offensive line has been great this season, I would not want Alabama to be able to send a pass rush every down.

Sermon has been on a tear in the last two games and will need that to continue to open up the passing lanes. Alabama’s defense is not as strong as a typical Saban team, however, there is still plenty of talent here to make life difficult. Ryan Day will look to have a balanced attack again to turn this game into a shootout.

On the defensive side of the ball, the most important thing the Buckeyes need to accomplish is winning the battle up-front. Yes, this is a huge catch-all but this will limit Najee Harris and put Mac Jones under pressure, which he has not faced consistently all year. While there are plenty of playmakers for the Buckeyes, Haskell Garrett will be the key.

The Alabama offensive line is as strong as any unit on the edges, but the questions start coming in towards the middle, especially at center. If Garrett can provide a consistent rush up the middle the Alabama game plan will have to change drastically. This will allow the defense to capitalize as a whole and potentially create some much-needed turnovers or stops.

Ohio State is being counted out by the majority of the nation, but there is no reason why this team can’t win the National Championship. Giving a prediction is always difficult, but if Trey Sermon and Haskell Garrett step up, the Buckeyes win.