Ohio State football: Buckeyes will face best Indiana team ever

Make no mistake; these are not your father’s Hoosiers. Ohio State will be facing the best Indiana football team that has ever been put together.

Ohio State hasn’t played in over a week because of Maryland’s refusal to play them over their own COVID concerns. Now the Buckeyes were able to get rested, but they might be a little rusty. We can debate whether or not Maryland legitimately wasn’t able to play, but Ohio State’s opponent this week doesn’t care.

Indiana will come into the Shoe on Saturday at noon ready to play. This team has already exceeded expectations by 100 miles. They are 4-0 and ranked 9th in the country. In fact, this is the best and most talented team that the Hoosiers have ever fielded.

The Hoosiers only have two conference titles in their history. They last won the Big Ten back in 1967 when they finished at 9-2. They haven’t come close to competing for the Big Ten title in almost 60 years. Now, they actually have a chance to compete.

IU can throw the ball really well this season. Michael Penix Jr. has really opened up this offense. He is someone who can be mobile and throw on the run pretty well. Ty Fryfogle is a great receiver on the outside as well. He had 11 catches for 200 yards and 2 touchdowns last week.

Ohio State knows that Indiana won’t back down. IU will be using the underdog tactic all week to pump themselves up emotionally. That will probably be their best chance to win in this one. They are still inferior when it comes to talent against Ohio State.

You can bet that Ryan Day is making his guys show respect to this opponent. This will be the best team that the Buckeyes face all season long. The Buckeyes need to stay focused and unleash all of their pent up energy to make sure that IU can’t hang around in this one.

Ohio State should still win this game, but they may not put them away until the second half. This is a good team that deserves some attention.