Former Ohio State RB Ezekiel Elliott criticized by Troy Aikman

The former Ohio State running back has had a rough year in Dallas. Now Troy Aikman, former Cowboys great, is letting people know Zeke deserves some blame for the disaster in Cowboy country.

Ohio State won a national championship back in 2014 thanks to Ezekiel Elliott. He was an absolute monster, especially in his final three games. He ran for 220, 230, and 246 yards in his final three games against the toughest competition the Buckeyes faced.

Zeke parlayed that season into a great year in 2015 and was eventually taken with the fourth overall pick in 2016 by the Dallas Cowboys. He played well early and was rewarded with big money, a six-year $90 million extension in 2019.

Now Dallas is a trainwreck, and Zeke hasn’t been playing well in 2020. In fact, he has five fumbles in 8 games, with four of them being lost. He hasn’t broken 100 yards in any game this season. Now people are starting to call him out and give him some blame.

Troy Aikman, former Cowboys quarterback and lead NFL analyst on Fox, thinks he should get some blame for their dismal season. On a radio show in Dallas, he believes that part of the reason the Cowboys haven’t performed well is because of Elliott.

In his radio spot, he insinuates that Elliott shouldn’t have been paid all of that money and that teams are better off not paying running backs a second contract. A lot of NFL teams believe that philosophy and he specifically mentions the 49ers and what they do.

Elliott has had a rough year. The former Ohio State great caught COVID, plays for a team that is 2-6, and is putting up career-low numbers. He is still an immense talent, as anyone who saw him suit up for the Buckeyes can attest. He should be able to shake off some criticism.

Zeke won’t be playing in the playoffs this year. What he can do though is keep trying to improve his game. Maybe he should watch some of his old Ohio State tape. Maybe he’ll find something he needs to get back to.

As a Buckeye fan, I too enjoy watching his old tape. Just type it into YouTube. It’s very enjoyable to watch.