Ohio State Buckeye Schedule: Preview and predictions

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The Ohio State Buckeyes will begin their shortened season on October 24th and will be looking to play well enough to make it back to the College Football Playoffs.

The Big Ten season is almost here. After a crazy offseason that was going and then stopped and then going and then delayed and then going again, Ohio State is two weeks away from opening their season. Hopes and expectations for Ohio State are to win the Big Ten and make the College Football Playoffs. Once in the playoffs, the Buckeyes will be expected to make a push for a National Title and prove they are the best team in the country.

On top of those team goals, there are several players who will be looking to lock up first-round draft pick grades (Wyatt Davis, Shaun Wade, Chris Olave) as well as a potential Heisman candidate looking for opportunities to shine in 2020. With such lofty expectations for this team, there will need to be the utmost focus for Ohio State throughout the season.

The Buckeyes need to keep focused on every single game this season. With a shortened schedule, every game has greater importance. Ohio State doesn’t have the luxury of easing into a season with some bad non-conference teams. They jump into tough competition immediately.

Following is a game by game breakdown of how I expect Ohio State to perform in each game throughout the season and what games could pose the most issues. We will obviously preview every game the week of as well, but these are my thoughts right now.

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