Ohio State football: 2020 will test Ryan Day like no other year

Ohio State head coach Ryan Day will be put to the ultimate test this year. We will find out just how good of a hire he was by the end of the calendar year.

2020 has had all kinds of ups and downs so far. Ryan Day has had to navigate them all with his football team. He’s gone from the ultimate down of having the Big Ten season canceled to the ultimate up of having the season brought back to life.

Day handled the season getting canceled exceptionally well. He fought hard for his players’ rights to play this season and supported them every step of the way. In a situation that had no precedent, he passed the test with flying colors.

Now Day has to navigate perhaps the hardest college football season in history. He has to not only prepare his team for 9 games in consecutive weeks, but has to make sure his team is smart off the field and doesn’t contract COVID. It’s an incredibly hard job to do.

Ohio State has tried their best to give Day and his staff every possible tool to make sure the players are as safe as possible. Ultimately though, it will be up to Day to instill how important it is for his team to make smart decisions when they are not in the facility.

If Day can do so, it will show Buckeye Nation that he truly was the perfect hire to succeed Urban Meyer. Leading this team to a national championship after falling short last year while simultaneously dealing with a pandemic would make him the stuff of legends.

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This is the month where things get started for the Buckeyes. In just a few short weeks, Ohio State will be taking on Nebraska to start their 2020 journey. I have a feeling those players wouldn’t have anyone else leading them through it.