Ohio State football: National title would make Justin Fields a legend

If Justin Fields were able to lead Ohio State to a national championship in 2020 after everything the team has been through, he would be a certified legend in Columbus forever.

Ohio State fans get to watch their team play in 2020. That is by far the news of the day, with the Big Ten announcing that the season will start October 23-24. That means Justin Fields gets a chance to cement his legacy as an Ohio State Buckeye legend.

Fields was one miscommunication away from sending the Buckeyes to the national championship a season ago. Now he gets a chance to redeem himself by playing a final season before jumping to a lucrative career in the NFL. Winning a national title would be the cherry on top.

If Fields delivers a national championship to the people of Columbus after the terrible year 2020 has been, he will be the ultimate legend. Buckeye fans will sing his praises for as long as he lives. He will never have to buy a drink in this town ever again.

Adding a national championship to a possible Heisman winning season would certainly help his draft stock as well. Right now it’s a battle between him and Trevor Lawrence to be the number one pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. A national title would help his case.

Ohio State has a lot to battle if they do want to hoist up the championship trophy. They have to make sure they don’t get infected with COVID, because the penalty is pretty severe if they do. They also have to actually beat some pretty darn good teams in the Big Ten.

On the field isn’t something that Buckeye fans should worry about from Fields. He has shown that he truly is the real deal. Winning a national championship in this environment would make him the ultimate Buckeye. He just has to make sure he stays healthy.

A healthy Fields gives the Buckeyes as good of a chance as any team in the country to win it all. Buckeye fans can only hope he does just that.