Ohio State’s Ryan Day gives impassioned plea to play in the Fall

Ohio State head coach Ryan Day has come out with a very strong stance that he and the rest of the team believe they should be able to play in mid-October.

Ohio State has been trying to get the Big Ten to change their ideas of canceling Fall sports. Clearly the conference hasn’t been listening and other schools really haven’t been either. Now head coach Ryan Day has come out with a very strong statement aimed at the Big Ten.

Day believes that Ohio State can safely play football this Fall starting in mid-October. He cites the fact that the Big Ten has been extremely vague with their reasons for not playing. He also mentions that other conferences are playing right now as well.

The entire statement from Day can be found here.

This is something that has not just frustrated the coaching staff and players, but also fans around the country. Day is clearly fed up with the Big Ten’s silence on this matter and calls them out on it. It’s about time that someone at the university throws their weight around the conference.

Add this statement to the fact that the Attorney General of Ohio is about to recognize that the university sue the Big Ten and maybe the Big Ten will finally say something worth saying. They have only given vague statements that have not given anyone clarity.

No matter how this ends, this has to fire up Buckeye Nation. They have to be happy to see their coach take a strong stand one way or the other. Day has only been the coach for one full year, but he has already shown that he is a Buckeye for life.