Former Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins will lead Washington

Dwayne Haskins has beat out Alex Smith and will look to further develop in year two as a starter.

With a 2020 college football season for Ohio State going back and forth as to the possibilities, one bright spot is that former Buckeye players are doing well at the next level. Before the NFL season starts and players are able to prove themselves on the field, announcements come in contracts or naming starters.

The most recent announcement comes from Dwayne Haskins claiming the starting quarterback spot in Washington.

This will come as a welcome announcement for Buckeye Nation, knowing that the former Big Ten star beat out Alex Smith and Kyle Allen to have the chance to lead the team from the beginning in year two.

Haskins only played in 9 games during his rookie season where he showed a mixed bag. He had flashes on brilliance, reaffirming his high draft stock, but at other times looked overwhelmed by the pace of play.

The hope for Washington is that with a full offseason and the knowledge that this is his team, Haskins will take a step forward and start to turn into a franchise quarterback.

With this news, Washington is becoming a de facto team for many Buckeye fans. Along with Haskins, Washington has two other former Buckeyes who are looking to break out as stars.

Terry McLaurin will be looking to build off his impressive rookie year by trying to go over the 1,000 receiving yard mark. This seems like a much more achievable goal with the stability at quarterback than it was last year.

The biggest addition to Washington is Chase Young. The former Ohio State star will hope to join a list of Buckeye defensive linemen that became stars during their rookie years.

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If all three of these players are able to produce to the expectations they set in college, this could be an Ohio State dominate core for years to come in Washington.

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