Ohio State recruiting might thrive amidst current turmoil

Even though canceling the Big Ten season seems like a bad thing to show recruits, Ohio State might actually be able to turn this into a positive.

Ohio State has been extremely vocal about their displeasure with the Big Ten canceling all Fall sports. From coach Ryan Day to Athletic Director Gene Smith, everyone within Ohio State athletics has been very vocal that this is the wrong decision to be made.

Other teams have not wasted any time in using this as a negative recruiting tool. Other top programs such as Clemson, Alabama, and Oklahoma will surely use the fact that the Big Ten hasn’t listened to their players against Ohio State in recruiting.

But Ohio State might be able to counter that. Their entire athletic department has been steadfast in their belief in their players. The football players in particular have been very vocal about their desire to play. All of the coaches have been vehemently behind them.

That kind of support should do wonders for them in recruiting. It shows that when times get really tough, perhaps the toughest they will ever be, the coaches will be right behind their players. They will support them through whatever problems they may be facing.

That is a big thing to be able to have for a program. The Buckeyes already have elite success on the field to point to. Adding specific examples of support off the field gives them an even greater chance of landing top prospects all across the country.

They have already added an elite prospect amidst this debacle. They added Dasan McCullough, a four-star prospect, last week. This was in the middle of the fallout from the Big Ten canceling the season. He clearly didn’t care about that.

Ohio State coaches can turn this negative situation into a positive one on the recruiting trail. I wouldn’t expect them to do anything less.