Ohio State football: Day wants to hang 100 on TTUN

Ohio State coach Ryan Day is fired up over Jim Harbaugh’s comments on a recent telephone call with Big Ten coaches present.

Ohio State vs. Michigan is the greatest rivalry not just in college football, but in all of sports. There is hatred that has been brewing between the two programs for over 100 years. That hatred is still there, and it is definitely brewing between the two current coaches of the programs.

According to Dave Biddle of Bucknuts.com, Day and Harbaugh got into it on a recent Big Ten coaches phone call. In that call, Harbaugh interrupted Day while he was speaking to allege that Al Washington was working with the Ohio State linebackers earlier than they were allowed by the NCAA.

Day then fired back at him “How about I worry about my team and you worry about yours?”. Apparently, Harbaugh was complaining after Washington was supposedly in a picture that showed him working with the linebackers. It’s unclear if that is true or not.

Afterwards in a meeting with his team, Day said “The Big Ten better have a mercy rule because we’re going to hang 100 on them”. If that doesn’t fire you up as a Buckeye fan, I’m not sure what will. Day wants to smash Harbaugh’s head in more than he already has the last two years.

It’s not surprising to hear Harbaugh complaining about something. He knows he can’t beat Ohio State, let alone even compete on the same field as them. So now he has to throw out baseless accusations about the Buckeyes breaking rules.

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Now that we know The Game is scheduled for October 24th, this game just got a lot more interesting. I legitimately would not be surprised to see the Buckeyes drop 70 or 80 on them. 100 points is a lot to get to.