Ohio State football has a brand new recruiting tool

The Ohio State football program has done a really good job of putting high-quality players in the NFL. It’s been done so well that the program has unlocked a truly great recruiting tool.

Ohio State football is one of the premier football programs in the country. They are in the hunt for a national championship every year and always put some really good players in the league. Those really good players have unlocked a really nice recruiting tool for the program.

Having players like Michael Thomas, Ezekiel Elliott, and Joey Bosa sign massive contract extensions is a great way for Ohio State to recruit elite players. Five and four-star recruits want to go to the program who they think gives them the best chance to succeed in the NFL.

Thomas signed a 5-year $100 million extension. Elliott signed a 6-year $90 million extension. Bosa just recently inked a 5-year $135 million extension. That’s a lot of money for all of these players. To have three players near or at the top of their position in terms of money is a great way to bring in a lot of good recruits.

Ryan Day and his staff only seem to bring in top players already. The fact that they can sell recruits on going to Ohio State and eventually getting paid a lot of money in the NFL is like adding a 12th player on the field. It gives them a massive advantage compared to other programs.

More players are going to get massive extensions too. Nick Bosa is going to be the next one to get a massive extension once his rookie deal is up. Denzel Ward could end up making top corner money once his rookie deal is done too. All are great recruiting opportunities for Day and his staff.

The development that Ohio State is able to give its football players so they get these massive deals is a big sell. They already have the number one class in 2021 and it wouldn’t be surprising for them to keep that number one ranking in future classes as well.