Ohio State football team better have plan for positive COVID tests

College football is attempting to start its season without having any sort of bubble in place. Ohio State, as well as other teams, need to have a solid plan once players test positive during the season.

Less than a week into their season, Major League Baseball already has a COVID crisis on their hands. 14 members of the Miami Marlins have tested positive and their game tonight has been canceled. This is bad news for any league not operating in a bubble.

That would include the Big Ten conference and the rest of college football. If they don’t want to have an issue like this, Ohio State needs to make sure they have a solid plan for when their players test positive during the season. It’s not a matter of if players will, but when.

Spacing out the schedule is a good start. Gene Smith already talked about how important it is that the whole month of September can be open in terms of flexibility of scheduling. That allows time to quarantine if a large number of players become infected at once.

But Ohio State needs more than a plan for when a large number of players get infected. They also need a plan to keep a large number of players from getting infected. Clearly the Marlins didn’t have a plan like that in action. The Buckeyes need to learn from their mistakes.

Everyone in college football needs to learn from their mistakes. There is still just over a month until the season is slated to start. With that being said, there is still time for schools to make action plans for these types of scenarios. Their job is to make it as safe as possible for the players.

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It will be interesting to see what happens when the first school in college athletics has a large number of cases and how that is handled. If everything goes correctly, that school won’t be Ohio State.

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