Ohio State Football: Urban Meyer has high hopes for college football happening

Former Ohio State coach Urban Meyer holds a lot of sway in public opinion, especially within Buckeye Nation. His recent optimism should be encouraging for fans who just want to see football this fall.

Ohio State fans should be plenty happy with their old coach after he has given the sporting world some hope. With hopes and fears about the upcoming college football season making it difficult to determine if games would even happen, Urban Meyer shared his opinions on the matter.

Meyer stated his feelings on if college football will be happening in the fall:

“Two weeks ago, yes. Last week, medium. I’m back to yes. We’re going to play. I’ve got so much confidence in the way these universities are handling this right now.”

This optimism comes after the Big Ten announced that it would be changing the fall schedule to be only conference games.

While there is still a lot that needs to be decided on before a college football season can happen, Urban Meyer’s stamp of approval should be cause for some hope.

The feelings for having a season have seemed to go back and forth over the recent weeks. Seeing conferences change and adapt in order to allow a season to take place is part of what was encouraging to Urban Meyer.

“I love the fact that we [the Big Ten] went conference-only so that they can have control over the protocol and start and stop dates, etc. I’m optimistic right now.”

Control and flexibility were big key words that athletic director Gene Smith emphasized as well when he talked about the decision to only play conference games.

Only playing in your conference allows teams to travel by bus only instead of having to fly across the country. This can make sure that the team stays within a “bubble” while getting to a from games.

It also helps that if teams decide to play fewer games (such as the Big Ten hoping for 10 games) that the scheduling can be changed week to week if necessary. Right now the actions taken by the conference, and others, have people excited that there will be some type of season this fall.