Ohio State pauses all voluntary workouts across seven sports

In a move that is a huge bummer, Ohio State announced that they have postponed all of their voluntary workouts because of COVID.

With college football season just under two months away, voluntary workouts are happening all across the country. These workouts aren’t just for football though, they are for all kinds of fall sports. Unfortunately, those workouts are no longer happening at Ohio State.

The university announced that they were pausing all voluntary workouts for football, men’s and women’s soccer, men’s and women’s basketball, field hockey, and women’s volleyball. This comes in response to the COVID-19 testing results that happened across those sports.

While the university will not name specific names or attribute positive results to a specific player, this is still all bad. This is leading down a path that many of us don’t want to see. This comes on the heels of news that the Ivy League has canceled all fall sports.

This doesn’t mean that the football season is canceled. It doesn’t mean that any of these other sports are canceled either. What it does mean is that we are getting to a very dangerous point where those measures might be taken if things don’t improve quickly.

There is no telling if or when these workouts will be able to continue. If I had to guess, they may not continue at all. Football players might not be able to get some work in until fall practice starts. It has become a very perilous situation.

We will keep you advised on any more news that comes down involving this.