Ohio State Football: 3 non-conference games Ohio State should schedule

Ohio State and Alabama just scheduled a home-and-home series for 2027 and 2028. There are some other big-name programs that the Buckeyes should look at scheduling in the future.

Ohio State has done a great job at landing at least one premier non-conference matchup each season for the upcoming decade. Here are a few more matchups we would love to see.


The Buckeyes have been scheduling some of the current and former powerhouses of the SEC, so why not keep the trend going?

These are two of the biggest, most storied programs in the history of the sport. Both play in two of the best environments in all of college football.

What would make this series even more special is the history between the two teams. While they may not have a rivalry in the traditional sense, the Urban Meyer link ties these schools together.

The future Hall of Famer head coach ignited two fan bases and helped propel both to new levels of success. He won national championships with both Florida (2 times) and Ohio State (once).

I would also love to see this on Fox Sports and have to watch Urban talk about both these schools and pick a winner.


This one would be a nice throwback to the many matchups these two teams had in the Rose Bowl. Ohio State and USC last met in 2008 and the time before that was 1990. Before these two gaps, these two teams met regularly each decade.

This would be another fun game with big stadiums, lots of crowds, and it would also allow an older generation of fans to connect with the younger generations.

With USC on the rise (slowly) this could be a game against two titans by the time it gets scheduled.


There is enough history between these two teams that things could get heated. Most of the animosity is from the Buckeyes currently, but with these teams seeming to be destined to meet in the playoffs at least a few more times, this could be a great contest.

I think rivalries across conferences are a great thing for college football.

With Ohio State and Clemson, several games have ended with controversy which always excites a fanbase.

Who do you think would be the best teams to add to a non-conference schedule?